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 H2oHammer™ Fishing Tackle uses components manufactured in the U.S.A. from Eagle Claw, Worth and Rosco to craft our products. All jigs and soft plastics are poured and packaged in central Wisconsin.  All plastic, paint, glitter and scent are products of the U.S.A. . Buy American-Made, buy H2oHammer Fishing Tackle.



HammerTail 4 1/2"

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HammerTail 4 1/2"


The HammerTail is our own creation, having the profile of a small Walleye or Darter. This bait features  a glass fly rattle molded into the "Paddle" style tail.  The HammerTail gives off significant vibration, allowing the fish to home in on it should the water be stained or dirty.  4 per package


**This is a very difficult bait to make. This run was limited to 12 packages, which could well be it for the season.**

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 H2oHammer™ Fishing Tackle uses American-Made components from Eagle Claw, Worth and Rosco to craft our  products.  All  Jigs, soft rubber tails and baits poured locally.

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